About Us

“At Sunny Donuts we’re awake before the sun is, so we can have fresh donuts, flaky pastries, and hot cups of coffee ready just for you. Every good day begins with a great morning, and what makes for a better morning than a delicious donut? Rain or shine, it's always sunny here, so start your day off right with us!”

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Our History

Sunny Donuts first had its not-so humble beginnings as a Dunkin’ Donuts in the 1980’s. As the chain began leaving the West Coast, our store remained as the last Dunkin' in California. By 2001, we officially ditched the brand name and became Sunny Donuts, an independently owned mom and pop shop. Since then we’ve undergone a few renovations, but we've always stayed true to our roots—serving up warm, handmade donuts to the wonderful people of San Jose.

Our Baking Process

Here at Sunny Donuts, we have 30 years of expertise under our belts and it shows. We take pride in making each donut from the best ingredients, and in the most honest way. All of our donuts are made from scratch, by hand, and baked right in the store just for you.The glazes and frostings are mixed every morning, and all of the toppings are hand cut and roasted. Every day we bake two batches of all our donuts in order to guarantee that they will be nice and fresh whenever you get here.

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